projectTEN :: January 2017

I am so honored to be a part of this project again this year - it's a challenge that has kept me taking pictures of everyday life for the past two years and I'm so grateful for a wonderful group of women to do this with! The concept is sweet and simple. We are a group of women photographers striving to continue documenting our own lives amidst juggling family, clients, and running our photography businesses. On the 10th of each month we post 10 non-work photos. Mostly you'll see pictures of my family and home life with these posts. The most important things to me but often the things I photograph least, especially during seasons when work is extra busy.

This month I did my best to see a morning at home through my documentary photographer eyes - picking up my camera throughout the morning to catch ordinary moments and scenes. Enjoy a glimpse into a slow weekday morning with me and my kiddos. From the breakfast table and a print of my 2017 motto, to sibling fun, texting dad (27 different emojis), flossing (their new favorite thing, we'll see how long that lasts) and pre-nap hugs. 

Happy 2017 friends. Here's to celebrating the everyday and telling our stories.