Hi, I'm Kelly and I take pictures.

I love documenting moments and memories; celebrating real life as people live it.

I love the beach (or, the idea of the beach).  It’s probably more accurate to say that I love the pool.  Plenty of sunshine, a good book and a nap are just about perfection.  I love fall, coffee, a good smelling candle and lazy Saturdays.  I love good music and impromptu dance parties.  I love being a part of something bigger than myself and believe that life is undoubtedly better when it's shared with other people.

I have two beautiful children, Emerson and Pierson, who are the light of my life and centerpieces of my Instagram feed.  And a superstar husband, Duane, whose constant support lets me do what I love.

And I like you, I can already tell.

(Thanks to  Marisa Albrecht for all the team photos on the site!)