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let's tell your story

The one about how you fell in love and started a little family, loving every crazy moment.

The one about the newborn that has turned your world upside down and stolen your heart.

The one about the toddlers who keep you on your toes every second of the day.

The one about the house you bought as newlyweds and raised a family in, building a life and legacy while watching children grow and celebrating grandchildren’s birthdays.

The one about that family tradition that makes your house feel like home.

The one about the lazy Saturday morning pancake breakfasts and the ordinary moments you so easily forget about.

Let’s tell it like it really is.

Without trying to look like anyone else. Without idea boards and matching outfits. In all the beautiful chaos, raw emotion and realness that is life.

Let’s tell that story.



oh hey there


Oh hey. I'm Kelly.

I'm a graphic tee junkie, Starbucks lover (so basic, I know) and can fix any bad day I'm having by watching a Timberlake/Fallon history of rap video. I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we raise our two kiddos in our hometown of Lancaster, PA.  

I've always been the girl with a camera in her hand, even back in the day when that actually meant a camera, not a cell phone. I've never wanted to miss out on a chance to document life, especially the unscripted moments that otherwise fall through the cracks. I believe that life in itself is beautiful and doesn't need any doctoring or dolling up, and my mission is to use my photographs to prove it.



Documentary Sessions

I'm a fan of life unscripted.

I want to document authentic emotions and tell real stories. Not scripted or posed, but life as it happens. To me, that's the most beautiful thing that we can remember.

My approach for family sessions involves coming to your house for an hour or so and documenting real life. There aren't any rules for what it needs to look like. No suggestions for what colors to wear to coordinate, no tricks to try and get your kids to smile, no need to bribe them with candy to cooperate. For me, it's a refreshingly laid-back approach to family photos. You stay home, wear whatever you want, and let your kids play, joining in when you want. You just be you and let me come along for the ride for an hour or so, and end up with some memories frozen in time that you can have forever. 

Because if you ask me, the real beauty is in the everyday moments that make up our (sometimes long) days. Sticky hands and babies on hips. Bubble blowing and roller skating. Board games and teeth brushing. Messy faces and crumbs on the floor. Spontaneous hugs and messy toddler kisses. Bath time and bedtime routines. If those are the things that make you smile and reminisce, then shoot me an email and let's do this.


I want to provide these tangible, powerful memories for you.





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As you may have gathered by looking around my site, I have two littles that take a lot of time and energy, so I'll do my best to get back to you quickly, but it could be up to 48 hours. Thanks for your patience!

In case you missed it, you can check here for more info about my documentary sessions, and read answers to questions I commonly get.