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Matt, Katie, Maelynn, Adleigh & Theo

It's always an honor to document a fellow photographer's family, and once I get over the nerves I love every minute of it. This crew was no exception - a magical morning of pancake-making, pillow fights and lots of giggles and snuggles. (If you're looking for an insanely talented family photographer in the Delaware area, Katie Hall is your girl.)

An Evening with the Hostetter Family

Every time I have one of these sessions I become more and more convinced that this is it for me. There's something sacred to me about a family welcoming me into their home, being vulnerable and allowing me to document the beauty of the everyday that for some reason our society doesn't celebrate in the same way we do the perfectly planned, meticulously staged pieces of life. These sessions are authentic, there are no pretenses and for me they often lead to connecting with other people in a meaningful way.

I loved spending some time photographing this family as they went about their evening at home. But I think the sweetest part was the long chat I had standing in the dark in their driveway long after the session had ended, sharing an honest conversation with a fellow mom. There have been times when motherhood felt lonely to me, like I was misunderstood or doing something wrong because every moment wasn't magical, and guilty for feeling like being a mom isn't my only calling in life. And real conversations with other women have been what helped me through those times and gave me new perspective. I will forever be grateful to all those women along the way and can only hope to pass it forward someday. In a small way, these sessions and celebrating the magic that we are all just as we are, feel like a small step in doing so. 

So three cheers for beautiful, laid-back fall evenings in the backyard. Swinging, game playing, porch sitting, and all kinds of laughs and loving along the way.

Tara, Elizabeth, Luke, Hudson & Cupcakes

I won't deny that I have a special appreciation for moms who run their own businesses from home. It's been my story for the last six years and it hasn't been an easy one for me. The magical balance that some people describe - hustle hard during nap times and always be available when your sweet babies need you - was unattainable for me and instead I felt like I was always dropping the ball somewhere. I'm learning how to create and embrace my own balance and getting to spend time with other women who have done the same is a gift for me.

Tara is one of those women. She makes amazing baked goods from her kitchen (seriously, go order yourself some macarons you will not be disappointed). Last year I got to spend a summer morning with her and her kids and loved watching her manage it all with grace and a joy. More than that though, I loved the real conversation we got to share throughout the morning. These moments are sacred to me, sharing real life with other women on the journey, encouraging and supporting each other along the way. 

An Afternoon with the Book Family

It's especially fun for me to photograph families with kids who are a little older than my own, because I love seeing the beauty of what the next stage of life might look like. For this sweet family, it's homework and after-school snacks around the island, dance parties in the living room and lots of fun outside. Sign me up.