The Magic of Light


I finished Summer Murdock's Magic of Light class recently and my head is still spinning, in the best way possible. I feel like a switch has been flipped and now I can't stop seeing light in new ways and noticing it everywhere. For a photographer that's a pretty great feeling. :) There were a lot of technical pieces covered, but my favorite challenge of the class was to learn how to walk into a lighting scenario and see all the different options to shoot. As I continue to embrace my documentary style for in-home sessions, I love the reminder that light can be used in all kinds of ways and found in lots of different places (sun flares through bedroom windows, slices of light at kitchen tables, shadows in the driveway, rim lighting in the backyard, and the list goes on and on). Golden sunset light is fun but in my experience a lot of life's best moments don't often happen there and I'm excited to keep learning, to get better and better at documenting these moments and show families the beauty in their everyday life. 

I pulled together some of my favorite images I took throughout the class, mostly just as a post to look at and remember a really great couple weeks in my journey, but you can enjoy them too if you'd like. Here's to chasing sun flares and shadows and always trying to learn more.

Kelly LappComment