projectTEN :: June

Welcome to another installment of projectTEN! I think this one is my favorite yet :)

Last Sunday I got to spend the afternoon with my mom's family, sitting around listening to my grandparents reminisce about their childhoods, how they met (hearing your grandpa and grandma tell stories about hay rides and ferris wheels from 60 years ago is the greatest), and what life was like with their family on the farm. They've lived in this beautiful farmhouse for most of their married life and raised 5 kids here. I have countless memories of coming here for family get-togethers, running around outside playing "piggy wants a motion" when my cousins and I were little, going for walks with my mom and aunts after big holiday meals, all getting in one room to read the Christmas story and exchange gifts. I remember coming up and helping to "do peas" with my mom and aunts, making raspberry jelly all together, and watching my grandma, mom and aunts sit around quilting and talking. My grandma is a phenomenal seamstress and I have fond memories of standing in prom dresses, bridesmaids dresses and my wedding dress in her front room while she skillfully pulled and pinned fabric, and chatted away with me. We have had birthday parties, bridal showers, and graduation parties at the farm. We have prayed together and shared tears there. It's a place that holds a very special place in my heart, and to be able to take a day and soak up those moments with family was such a gift.

We spent a few hours sitting outside asking grandpa and grandma questions and hearing all kinds of amazing stories, then grandpa took us around the farm and continued the storytelling. I loved being able to have my camera along and catch some moments from throughout the day, they are some that I will cherish for a long time.

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