Documentary Philosophy & Portfolio


That’s my big brother and me on an ordinary weekend morning, washing our bikes in the driveway. Nothing earth-shattering going on here, but it’s real. Finding pictures like this from my childhood take me straight back to our house, my family and sweet memories of growing up. I remember that yellow bucket that we always used to wash bikes and cars, and I can feel the sponge in my hand. I can see my brother cruising around on that bike with a big grin on his face. I’m so grateful that my parents took pictures like this  - it’s moments like these that I want to preserve for you.

I remember looking through old slides as a family, sitting down in the basement, watching dad load slides into the projector. I can still hear the whirring sound as he flipped through, reliving old memories, hearing stories – of trips my parents took, early childhood times that my brother and I wouldn’t remember without images. Even as a child I was fascinated by the ability of an image to transport us back in time.

As a mom I find myself being drawn even more to real moments. I can't get enough of those every day moments with my kids and want to remember them as much as possible. I want to freeze those moments for your family too, so that years down the road you can pull out your photo books and be transported back to this time. If you book me for a family session, there won't be matching outfits or trying to make the kids look at the camera and smile. I'll come to your home and document life as it is for you, in all of its real beauty.

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