let's tell your story

The one about how you fell in love and started a little family, loving every crazy moment.

The one about the newborn that has turned your world upside down and stole your heart.

The one about the toddlers who keep you on your toes every second of the day.

The one about the house you bought as newlyweds and raised a family in, building a life and legacy while watching children grow and celebrating grandchildren’s birthdays.

The one about that family tradition that makes your house feel like home.

The one about the lazy Saturday morning pancake breakfasts and the ordinary moments you so easily forget about.

Let’s tell it like it really is.

Without trying to look like everyone else. Without idea boards and matching outfits. In all the beautiful chaos, raw emotion and realness that is life.

Let’s tell that story.



who we are


Hi. I'm Kelly.

I am the lead photographer and owner of Kelly Lapp Photography.

As long as I can remember, I've been the girl with the camera in her hand. Even in high school and college, I never wanted to miss a chance to document life. The walls of my bedroom growing up were covered in prints, memories caught and remembered. My favorite ones were always the ones you almost forgot you had taken. That is what I'm passionate about, catching the little moments that otherwise fall through the cracks; creating that time machine to people and places we have been.

Hi. I'm Laura.

I have been photographing weddings with Kelly Lapp Photography for over six years.

I love to create, to take an idea and turn it into reality. From embroidery to baking, I love the process of making something new. And I love the power of photography to tell the story of the process. I love weaving together the moments of a day to catch that feeling you had as it happened.




Documentary Sessions

I'm a fan of life unscripted.

There's definitely a place for posed family pictures in a field at sunset, but I'm not the girl to take them for you.

I want to document authentic emotions and tell real stories. Not scripted or posed, but life as it happens.

To me, that's the most beautiful thing that we can remember.


I want to provide these tangible, powerful memories for you.




We love to celebrate and document a select number of weddings each year.





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